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September 20th 2014
( - Gravity Falls Intro [Music Box] )
September 20th 2014
How about Sapphire Shores then?

I have no idea where the inspiration for her comes from actually. I just thought she was a parody of a combination of pop singers. If she’s based off one in particular, I haven’t heard.

September 20th 2014
If you know Photo Finish on MLP, have you ever thought that she kind of had a resemblance of Lady Ga Ga? Every time i see her i think of Lady Ga Ga.

How in the world does a pony with a talent for fashion photography have anything to do with a singer/model?

Photo Finish was inspired by Anna Wintour of Vogue magazine….

September 20th 2014


*Puts brief case down on the table and takes off glasses very seriously* “So about that AU we discussed that one time.”

September 19th 2014

  • teacher: what do you think is the most under appreciated art form?
  • me: winged eyeliner
September 19th 2014


Wow what a cute family… it’d be terrible if something were to happen to it

My darlings~ Remember to follow my comic’s blog and whatnot!

September 19th 2014


"space lesbians" is both my aesthetic and my idealogy 

September 19th 2014
Lady gaga is amazing. I can't believe I missed her concert last weeeeek *buries face in a pillow*
asked by brit-crossing

Bro, you HAVE to try making a concert of hers…. She’s SUPER fantastic live I cant even describe it.

September 19th 2014
I had people telling me “You need to look beautiful and clean. You need to clean it up.” Naturally, I took all my makeup off, put a baseball hat on and a flannel. I mean, I’m the ultimate rebel, I’m a nightmare! 
September 19th 2014

@ladygaga: Tonight we turned all our pain into a rave. Make art of your sadness, and your whole life will be a party of the future.